Above Top Shelf

Above Top Shelf (ATS) is a marijuana company in Los Angeles, California. ATS is best known for their lab tested medically infused pre rolls. As first place Cannabis Cup winners, there is a reason why this highly focused retailer is making waves in the marijuana industry.

Bud Man Huntington Beach is an official provider of Above Top Shelf products.

Above Top Shelf – Cannabis Cup Award Winners

  • Saturn Rick Simpson Oil Cannabis Syrup – Above Top Shelf (1500mg THC – 3 options)

    $120.00 Select options
  • Galaxy Prerolls – Above Top Shelf (high times award winner – 13 options)

    $30.00 Select options
  • Galaxy High Grade Crumble – Above Top Shelf (1g – 3 options)

    $60.00 Select options
  • Galaxy 1g Sugar – Above Top Shelf (award winner – 1 options)

    $60.00 Add to cart
  • Galaxy 1g Live Resin Shatter – Above Top Shelf (award winner – 10 options)

    $60.00 Select options
  • Galaxy 1g Live Resin Sauce – Above Top Shelf (award winner – 5 options)

    $75.00 Select options
  • Bhostco Prerolls – Above Top Shelf (award winner – 6 strains)

    $25.00 Select options
  • Bhostco Extracts 1g Live Resin – Above Top Shelf (award winner – 3 strains)

    $35.00 Select options